Notice of Full Refund in ETH from Maestro Project’s Token Sale

Dear Supporters of Maestro Project,

Maestro Project has aimed to build a blockchain-based music streaming platform for artists and listeners. We have been wrestling to innovate the music industry, starting from South Korea’s K-pop industry and onto the the rest of world.

Due to the uncertain state of the blockchain industry and legal issues surrounding it, we have been consulting various law firms regarding Maestro Project’s legality, specifically whether our token (MAE) is a security token. After weeks of consultation and much deliberation, we have reached the following conclusions.

First, the South Korean government has announced its policy regarding Korean ICOs, stating that those that fail to comply by the regulations will be strictly reprimanded. This has been extended to include Korean ICOs based abroad. Maestro Project, under Rightchain Labs LLC based in Singapore, also falls under this category.

Second is about the government’s policies regarding security tokens. With our current whitepaper and token economy, the firm’s advice is that we would have to revise them in a fundamental manner. Our deepest concern was that we put the risk of postponing our project not only to us, but to the investors who have already participated in our private and 1st public sale process.

We, Team Maestro, have regretfully decided to end our ICO immediately in effect with this announcement.

We will refund all Ether raised through the Private and 1st ICO according to the funding record on the blockchain. For those who partook in our ICO through NEXT ICO, we will also return all the funds through the NEXT ICO homepage.

The refund process will take place from today (July 12) to July 27. We will take any questions regarding the issue on our official Telegram and KakaoTalk channels.

We promise to resolve the matter smoothly and would like to apologize again for any inconvenience caused by our decision.

Thank you for your support thus far.

Team Maestro

1st ICO Starts in

07. 07. 2018 7 p.m. (UTC +9)
Only whitelisted users can participate in MAE ICO


Only pay for the songs you listened to

Payment based on actual usage
Lower fee compared to other services
Investment opportunities


No worries regarding raising production costs

Fair profit for artists
Music production costs raised through funding
Rights secured for creative works

Maestro ServiceAcquisition Fee: 0%

  • Transparent service profit structure
  • Artists can set the allocation ratio

Crowdfunding Systemfor Artists

  • Construction of a production cost funding environment for artists
  • Expands investment opportunities for regular consumers
  • Win-win solution for artists and investors

Fair Music Streaming Service for Consumers

  • Decentralized streaming service with no middlemen
  • Fair payment structure based on actual usage
  • Lower costs compared to other streaming services

From K-Pop to the World

  • MOU in progress with major production companies and artists
  • K-Pop-focused strategy to obtain a geographical advantage
  • Intend to expand to other regions after dominating the Asian market
  • Introduction of K-Pop Curation service


Proceed with advanced marketing for artists

May, 2018

Proceed with advanced marketing for artists

May, 2018

Private sale for investment companies and early adopters

1st, 2nd ICO

June, 2018

Private sale for investment companies and early adopters

1st, 2nd ICO

June, 2018

Sign MOUs with major collaborating companies

July, 2018

Sign MOUs with major collaborating companies

July, 2018

Get listed on exchanges

Release demo version v1.0

Complete 100 artist funding companies led by Maestro

November, 2018

Get listed on exchanges

Release demo version v1.0

Complete 100 artist funding companies led by Maestro

November, 2018

Launch official Maestro platform

May, 2019

Launch official Maestro platform

May, 2019

Maestro Token Sale

Token Name

Maestro Token

Token Symbol



1 ETH = 10,000 MAE

Tokens for sale

620,000,000 MAE


Private Sale

18.06.16 7 pm KST - 18.06.30 7 pm KST


62,000,000 MAE

1st ICO

18.07.07 7 pm KST - 18.07.21 7 pm KST


186,000,000 MAE

2nd ICO

18.07.28 7 pm KST -


334,800,000 MAE

Token Allocation *Locked-up for a year for our team

Use of Proceeds


Former Senior Vice President at SK Telecom
SK Planet Executive
Advisor at Huawei Korea
Bachelor’s Degree in Electrical Engineering, Sogang University

Hoojong Kim

Standing Advisor

Vice President at Sejin Electron
Former Chief Researcher at Korea Rating Corporation
Analyst at Mirae Asset, Hyundai Securities/ Managing Director at Hanhwa Investment
Bachelor’s Degree in Business, Yonsei University

Jongwook Bang


Bachelor’s Degree in Electrical and Computer Engineering, Seoul National University
6 Years of Blockchain Development
10 Years of iOS/Web/Server Development
7 Years of Embedded Software Development

Taegoo Kang


School of Computing at KAIST
Web Developer at C&TECH
Software Developer at SPARCS

Chanyoung Ryu

Blockchain Developer

Department of Computer Science, Princeton University
Client Programmer at Loadcomplete

William Chung

Blockchain Developer

Bachelor’s Degree in Applied Mathematics & Statistics and Economics, Stony Brook University

Litecoin Foundation Member
Research Intern at A.T. Kearney, Shapiro & Associates
E-commerce Engine Developer
Consultant at Levvel, LLC

Harry Hur

Blockchain Developer

Bachelor of Science in Mathematics and Economics, University of California San Diego

Whitepaper Advisor at The Rouge Project

Blockchain Researcher/Blogger

Freelance Translator

Jung June Kim

Blockchain Analyst

New York University 경영학부
경력: SNS 및 온라인 마케팅

Dongsun Min


English Language and Literature, Seoul National University
Loadcomplete Project Manager and Game Designer
Freelance Translator

Jiyeon Koh

Marketing Director

Bachelor’s Degree in Economics, New York University
Equity Research Intern at Hyundai Securities
Research Assistant at Prestige Financial Solutions

Jae Bum Park

Marketing Director

Bachelor’s Degree in Economics, New York University
BCOSMETIC Marketing and Sales Director

HeeKoan Koo

Marketing Director


The 6th Korea Entertainment Award Winner (The Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism)

Producer of hit songs such as "Love Battery" (Hong Jin Young), "There Is No One Else" (Lee Seung Cheol), "Crazy Because of You" (T-ARA)

Yeong-su Cho


1% Korean Music producer and songwriter
Producer of hit songs such as “UP&DOWN” (EXID), “LUV” (Apink), “Roly-Poly” (T-ara), “Hot Issue” (4minute), “Fiction” (Beast), “Merry Christmas in Advance” (IU)

Shinsadong Tiger


Senior Analyst at SPOTIFY

Smit Purohit


Energo Labs COO & Founder

Tencent Incubator Marketing & BD Manager

Energy Blockchain Leadership Committee Co-chair

Asian Cleantech Entrepreneurs Community (ACTEC) Founder

Kaikai Yang


Top Ranking Composer at Korea Music Copyright Association
Producer of hit songs such as “Take It Slow” (Red Velvet), “I'll always be there for you”(TVXQ), “My Answer”(EXO), “Perfume”(A Pink)

Monotree Hwang Hyun


Top 10 Korean Composer
Producer of hit Songs such as “A hundred-day meeting”(Rul-La), “My Success Story”(DJ DOC), “SongIn”(COOL), “Did you really love him”(Brown Eyes Soul), “My Friend”(JO PD)

Keuntae Park


Indie Musician(Famous Star from Hongdae)
Producer of hit Songs such as “Misang OST”, Because I believe, when we met first, Cruel Trip

Pastel Music Heejung Han


Composer for FT ISLAND
Producer of hit Songs such as “Game”, “Save Me”, “Tree”, “We are….”, “Lose”, “Time”

Dongwon Kim


Composer for Korean Idol

Producer of hit songs such as “A Good Boy”, “Lucky”, “I Feel You”, “Heart For 2”

Hohyun Jung


Senior FX trader at Goldman Sachs & Co

NYU Stern School of Business

Chris Neamonitis




Maestro is collaborating with artists and production companies
to establish a new digital music ecosystem.